This short Pauline epistle has long fascinated scholars, especially the so-called “Christ Hymn” (2:6-11), offering the possibility that Paul embedded here a piece of liturgy or tradition from earliest Christianity (or Paul proves himself here a poet as well as a theologian). More recently, attention has turned to Paul’s shapingContinue Reading

Image source: Wikipedia commons Like Romans, Galatians has been at the center of theological debate concerning Paul’s theology. At the heart of the issue is Paul’s view of the Law. Thankfully, several excellent commentaries are available, a few written in the last year or two. Technical David deSilva (NICNT). ThisContinue Reading

Image source: Proclaim Software Scholars have long been fascinated by the window that 1 Corinthians provides into life of the early Christians. In this letter we also have creedal information, gender relationship teachings, and—what’s up with “baptism for the dead” (15:29)? Thankfully, there are many excellent 1 Corinthians commentaries available.Continue Reading